Aeramil Quelenna

Eladrin Swordmage of the Coronal Guard


Strength 10 (+0) Constitution 16 (+3) Dexterity 13 (+1) Intelligence 20 (+5) Wisdom 10 (+0) Charisma 10 (+0) p. HP: 61 AC:25

Height: 6’ 1” Weight: 170 lb Skin: Bronze Eyes: Blue Hair: Blond; Straight; Beardless

Languages: Common, Elven

Feats: Eladrin Soldier, Intelligent Blademaster , Improved Swordmage Warding , White Lotus Riptose

At-Will: Aegis of Shielding, Booming Blade, Sword Burst,

Encounter Powers: Fey Step, Sword of Sigils, Dimensional Warp, Transposing Lunge,

Daily Powers: Frost Backlash Swordmage Shielding Fire Swordmage’s Decree


Aeramil was the first born son of Valyn & Sylenae Quelenna. His siblings are his younger sisters Elan and Freywyn, both are unmarried and training in the arcane arts and poetry in Evermeet’s capital city of Leuthilspar. Valyn is an accomplished Historian and former member of the Coronal Guard. His wife, Sylenae is a Artisan poet and continues writing for the Elder Council and the Royal Council as well. She has written many of the celebratory decrees upon the birth of the Monarchy’s offspring and is an exalted member of the Leuthilspar community.

Aeramil began his training as a paladin in his adolescence, but quickly found his faith in Deities unfounded and unsupported by his own upbringing and beliefs. He then aspired to become a poet like his mother. His natural talent for history and lore in addition to his strong ties to the Feywild and its magical yet simplistic nature lead him to the Veldann Academy for the Arts, an invitation only institution for advanced learning located in Summer Palace. While a student there he was exposed to many different artistic methods of expression; theatre, dance, calligraphy, debate, and swordplay to name a few. While re-enacting the assault at Tower Reilloch for an exam, he was approached by Quartermaster J’in a Gesani Swordmage, who enjoyed his skills with a rapier. J’in agreed to teach Aeramil the basics of combat and sorcery in exchange for an audience with his father, hoping to bring a living Coronal Guard to the Academy for a series of instruction for his students. Reluctantly, Valyn agreed and accompanied his son to J’in’s class for both a series of lessons in the History of Myth Drannor and the lost techniques of the Coronal Guard. Aeramil, along with the other students, listened in awe of stories of battle and the prestige that came with being an Elite protector of the region’s most famous city. J’in and Valyn became colleagues shortly after and Aeramil’s father agreed to take an adjunct position at the Academy, specializing in the Shielding Swordmage arts.

Aeramil lost his focus as a poet shortly thereafter and began attending more and more of J’in’s classes. Eventually, he traded his pen for a sword and became a full-time student of Swordmage training. Almost immediately he excelled and bested all of his school in both magic and defense demonstrations. He graduated the Academy with honors and was recruited, without assistance from his father to the Coronal Guard in the City of Songs. There he has spent the better part of his life defending the city and travelling back to Evermeet for Council updates and directives when needed.

Aeramil was celebrated in the tradition of his father and mother before him as a revered member of the realm and steward of the rebirth of the Coronal guard in Evermeet. As such, he has courted many of the Council’s daughters as they are eager to blend with such a distinguished family that boasts both military and artistic prowess and dedication.

Shortly following a celebration of the Harvest Moon’s awakening, Aeramil was approached by Elder Val’dranas, High Keeper of Green Elven lore and personal friend of his mother. Val’dranas appeared disheveled and highly concerned about a recent purported theft that had taken place in Nimlith. The five tomes of Green Elven history had been traveling the countryside of the feywild as it does every season for display and one of the tomes had gone missing; the Tome of Green Elven Life Cycles. The tome describes in great detail the recorded history of the Eladrin, Wood Elves and even the Drow and their life in the Fey, Prime and Underdark. Although the recordings are complete, it is written as all five tomes are in artistic prose and magically encoded likely only to be understood by the Elven culture, requiring an Artisan to decipher accurately and safely. Val’dranas suspects that the book has entered the Prime World, but is reluctant to reveal his hand on where this suspicion arose, only that he believes it was stolen to be sold to a buyer he believes desires eternal life.

After a discussion with his parents and a meeting with the Elder Council, Aeramil agreed to cross the weave into the Prime and either report on the whereabouts of the book or recover the book himself if he is able. Aeramil is confident he can locate the tome, but has reservations about an autonomous recovery as he is well aware of the book’s potential power in the hands of an Artisan poet with ill intentions and disregard for Elven culture.

Saying his farewell to his two sisters and parents, he met one last time with Val’dranas, in his office in Leuthilspar, expressing his concern that this sizeable task is being left to one Elf to complete. As Val’dranas began to explain his reasoning for sending Aeramil alone, he was seized by the Moonwarden’s Guards and charged with theft, treason and murder. Without struggle Val’dranas surrendered himself and began exiting with the captain and his men. In disbelief, Aeramil demanded his release upon orders of the Coronal Guard, only to discover that the order came from Tayrillian, Commander of the Coronal Guard, himself. As Aeramil stood in disbelief, Val’dranas sent him a message telepathically telling him to search the library in his office for a book on the History of the Twelve Princes. Locating the book, Aeramil found that is was empty save for a vial of golden illuminated sand and a parchment that read:

“Aeramil, I am afraid that I have been too secretive in my dealings with the Netheril and my investigations into their relationship with Mystra and the resulting Unraveling. I am confident that you will both recover the book and prove my innocence in the matter. The son of Valyn is the only person I can trust with this information. Give this vial of sand to Nhym. He resides in the Prime at this time in the land of Esaheim, but has travelled worlds beyond your imagination. He will know what to do.

There is a secret portal that will make your transition into the Prime more comfortable, for Esaheim is currently fraught with danger. You will find it below the Well of Song in the courtyard.

May the Sun be with you,

Eld. Val’dranas

Post script: Do not under any circumstances give the vial to anyone other than Nhym. It is with the utmost importance that only Nhym be the recipient of this artifact.”

With haste Aeramil dashed to the well and lowered himself into it, finding the portal and crossed through. He now is charged with three tasks too great for one Elf to manage alone; as the fate of not only one Elder’s life is in his hands, but perhaps his own race.

Aeramil Quelenna

Guardians of the Eld Aeramil