Guardians of the Eld

Diary of Aeramil Quelenna

Entry One 1597 DR

Caspin of the Coronal Guard: Evermeet

Day one

I arrived in New Marronburrow not 40 hours ago and already I am eager to complete my task and return to the Evermeet in the Feywild. Something about the Prime world does not entirely agree with me. I cannot put a finger on it yet, but I feel less quick and agile and have found that I am unsure of my actions, despite my training in the Coronal Guard. This is not something I wish to share with my new companions (whoopsie daisy), as I sense that they are reliant on my steadfast swordsplay and strong will to help keep them alive at this time.

My task given to me from Val’dranas, the Eder Keeper, is too sizable for a single Sun Elf to complete alone, therefore I have joined a band of adventurers attempting to rescue an official’s daughter from brigands, in the hope of gaining their assistance afterward.

Thus far I am confident of their skills and enjoy the company of my Elven kin, as it feels like a tie to home, even if they do choose to reside in the Prime.

Of my companions, Ando’ri appears to have taken a leadership role, which, I admit I am getting used to quicker than I had expected. His field tactics are sound and he has a keen sense of the enemy’s weak spots. Eevan, another fellow Eladrin, has surprised me with his sorcery skills. I judged him quickly, at first sight, to be the member of our party that would require the most assistance and perhaps even a detriment to our success. But, once again an Eladrin Wizard is not to be underestimated, and he has proven most useful and independent of my defense as of yet. Marcus, our Half-Elf spellcaster, I watch most closely. Perhaps it is my strong distrust of Warlocks and their desire to engage with and make pacts with demons. I have bared witness to far too many of my people’s lives destroyed by careless agreements with these foul creatures and defended my home against their destruction for too long. The battles of Mtyh Drannor and the Trio Nefarious still seem like yesterday for many of my people. Though I keep a keen eye on Marcus, he has been a clever spell-caster during our journey. I can’t say as much for his riding skills, but I will welcome him to assist me if he continues to benefit us as he does now.

True to my Sun Elf ways, I wish to finish my business quickly and proceed to my prime objective, the book. We have however taken an informal vote to camp tonight and pursue these pirates in the morning. Although I protest, I will not shake the bedrock of our group’s best chance to return this human to her father: trust. I must maintain their trust in both my skills and my concern for the group’s well being. Therefore we camp.

I have spent the first hour bonding with my sword and readying it’s presence at a moment’s call should the pirates decide the morning is too late to wait for us, for they are aware of our presence. And’orei wishes to hunt. I will help him, for I as much as I feel uneasy here, I am eager to taste Prime food. I do love a good meal.


1597 DR

Caspin of the Coronal Guard: Evermeet

Day four

A great many events have transpired since my last entry, leaving me a feeling of confidence in both my companion’s skills with steel and magic as well as completing my task from Elder Val’drannas.

After capturing the brigand’s ship and returning the mayor’s granddaughter and her husband, Marcus and Ando’ri have negotiated the ship’s usage for our future adventures. The price, our commitment to the town’s defense 2 weeks of each month, I fear may be too steep as I do not wish to waste time here as Val’drannas awaits trial in Evermeet. I have made contact with Nhym, who is currently residing in New Marronborugh and has been acting as a defender of sorts for the town. My initial impression of him is one of awe, as he has a worldliness about him that I cannot place and a timeless look in his eyes. He has been both inspiring and mysterious all at once – I recall him attempting to rub his back against a corner in residence on more than one occasion. Perhaps he’s stumbled into some poison Firweed, recently. He has informed me that the vial of sand is a communication artifact with the Gods and will answer our question as to what steps to take next. As such, he has charged me with the task of collecting reagents, which include the heart of a White Dragon untouched by the sun.

I have made the decision to inform my companions about my task in full. I have gained their trust, as they took time to stabilize my wounds when I fell bleeding to death at the ship’s battle. All seem interested in helping me complete my task. They are adventurers and eager for battle, treasure and perhaps even fame. Ando’ri has treated my task with a mix of interest and avoidance all at once. When speaking of the book, his eyes shine with interest, but when I spoke of the trail for Val’drannas, I sensed he was listening, but purposely drawing his attention to other things. I should not expect his concern for our Elders to equal mine. The Elf appears to have lived outside our society for many, many years. Yet there is a sadness in his existence that I sense. I will lend my ear in addition to my sword and sorcery to him, as I fear he has few allies.

I am feeling more confident in my own skills. After both Ando’ri and I fell to the Orc Berserker’s blades two days ago, I felt my prowess return as i deftly handled three spider-men who attempted to disrupt our gathering of wood for a new ship’s mast. While Faerun is wild with magic, here it is not so readily available, and has been more difficult to channel. Fortunately, my spells obey the same mechanics as in my own world and they are synchronizing with my attacks more fluidly. I have found that I cannot incant rituals as I am able to in Faerun. This disappoints me, but I feel that my martial and magical skills on the battylefield will be enough to compensate.

Enough writing, we have a mast to construct and a dragon to hunt within a fortnight. As we head back into town, I see the sun falling over the harbor. Beautiful in any world. And tomorrow, the sun rises.


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