Notable NPCs in the Eladrin capital of Elysium

Deschain Immeral: Ando’ri’s father, poisoned and subsequently defended by the party from a more direct assassination attempt. Second in command of the Eladrin Military forces.

Sablus Oakheart: Commanding officer of the Eladrin military. As cheap as they come, Sablus is not well liked by his men, being hesitant to commit Elvish forces in a decisive battle for fear of defeat. Ando’ri suspects very highly that Sablus is the Elf who paid for and organized the attempts on his father’s life.

Lord Rov’an Bale: Lord of the Elves, rules over both Eladrin and Elvish cultures in the land of Belariguard, he is prone to rash, intuition-based decisions. He knows this of himself and thus employs more deliberate and methodical minds to balance this, resulting in a ruling class that is quite balanced and effective, and is well-liked by its peoples.

Corran: The court jester, Corran is a man of quick wit and singular acrobatic skill. He knows his place in the court is that of an entertainer, but shrewdly makes use of his position politically, sharing unpleasant realities and contrary opinions that might get other nobles thrown out of the court. Due to his quick tongue and infectious laugh, however, he gets away with this, but a few of the sharper nobles don’t appreciate the political commentary.

Arikan Kariel: A dire and unpleasant Eladrin, one who is in charge of the city’s civil defense and policing. He is thin, tall, grim, and balding (a condition which is extremely rare among Eladrin). He is all business when it comes to his position, and had been very effective until the war effort started sapping strength from the constabulary, both in terms of manpower and money. As a result, crime has spiked in the city of Elysium, including the development of an assassins guild beyond his ability to handle.

Cale Wrymclaw: Lead diplomat, he is a haughty individual, and wears powdered make-up gaudy rings, and a great wig. He has a biting, dry wit, and is very clever about legal matters.

Kaithe Sharpeye: Head of Sharpeye’s school of Wizardy, and a enthusiastic hobbyist of the art of magical item crafting.

Alterias Sundale: Ambassador from the Feywild, he was assigned to Elysium once it became apparent the city was so heavy with fey-magic so as to start ‘bleeding through’ to the Fey realm, as evidenced by the spectral ‘third ward’. The phenomenon itself doesn’t worry him, but he is concerned about the war, and whether the taking of Elysium would give Baronas a staging ground for an assault into the Feywild.

Auron Sentilien: Brother of Eevan and Sariel Sentilien, Guardian of the 3rd and final ‘free’ Eldstone (the 4th having fallen into Baronian hands). He is cold and unfeeling, his youthful vigor sapped by the years of inevitable duty required of a Guardian of the Eld.

Iandra Thorngaze: Liason to the trade houses of Elysium, she is a Wood Elf who believes her position in the court is amongst the most tenuous, and as such works doubly hard to ensure that the trade houses of the city are paying their dues and providing fair pricing to the peoples of the First Ward. The woods and wild call her home, and it does all Wood elves, but she chooses not to hear them.

Endolus and Zaraph: The two guards assigned to the party the night of the attack (Jan 16th), they have gone missing, and foul play is suspected.

Prior’ian (deceased): The assassin who attacked Deschain, Prior’ian was foiled, then pursued by the party in a high-flying chase that culminated in his surrender, a surrender marked by a somewhat cryptic “I’m not fit to do this.” Mere moments after this surrender, a group of six other similarly dressed assassins appeared and killed him before, they thought, he’d be able to reveal the name of his patron. With his dying breath, however, he scrawled in his own blood the initials “SO”, and handed Ando’ri a vial of antidote as his hand fell slack, his life spent.

Notable NPCs in the Eladrin capital of Elysium

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