The World of Meridia, the Second Age (1379)

The world of Meridia has become a dangerous place to live in recent years. The civil war between Great Coralia and Baronas which engulfed the Isle of Detaan 30 years ago proved to be a crucible, one from which the imperialist nation of Great Baronas emerged.

Defeated Coralian refugees scattered far and wide across the world, seeking refuge from the steel grasp of Baronas’ warmachine, most notably the Ironclad: Steam-powered magically-driven walking siege engines.

While Baronas was initially content with fulfilling its Manifest Destiny after the War of Detaan was concluded, internal political turmoil resulted in the ascension of a powerful nobleman to the throne, Einon Morgrave, through a forced marriage to the its then-current leader, Queen Anne the III. Einon was hungry for power, even then, and set about turning Baronas into the militaristic regime Meridia knows today.

Rather than bear Morgrave’s heir and prolong his rule over her people, Anne wounded herself with a dagger to make herself barren. That act, coupled with the passing of time, has lead Morgrave into the pursuit of the secret of immortality in his twilight years, a secret that he believes the Elves of Belariguard hold in their magical and long-lived society.

The view of many ports in Meridia is marred by the white hulls of Baronian ships (Dreadnaughts), whose presence is maintained as a show of power as well as “incentive” to keep trade with Baronas, including slaves and fuel for its wartime economy, moving as a brisk pace.

Other peoples of the world have been discovered by these roaming warships in the span of years since the War of Detaan and today, including the Eladrin, Wood Elves, Orcs and Goblins.

Baronas wages full-scale war on the Eladrin, capturing and torturing for information, burning and pillaging the Elvish homeland of Belariguard. Its warships patrol the seas, armed and armored to the teeth. The mad king scours Meridia for his key to eternal life. The free peoples of Meridia also face, in addition to Baronas, a host of other foes to freedom and civilization, from devils and demons to the undead, to monsters and elementals bent on destruction and havoc.

And so it is that we come to the Port of New Marronburough, in the land of Esaheim, where a small group of brave souls plot to dispatch a camp of slavers, who have been capturing people to sell to Baronas, and among those taken is the granddaughter of a nobleman…

Guardians of the Eld

RedDave Robin Aeramil